About Us

-Mission: To provide relevant educational textbooks and other educational materials to the children of Liberia to help develop a peaceful and prosperous future.


-To raise enough money to send a minimum of one shipment by the end of this school year (June, 2016)

-To expand to other schools and partner with other charity organizations

-We are a 501(c)3 organization meaning all donations are tax-deductible. The organization is run solely by students and parent volunteers meaning 100% of all donations go towards our cause


​-Started by Casey Robbins in 2006

-Through NPR news, she became aware of the civil war in Liberia and wanted to make a change

-From 2006 to August 2015, TFLA has been successful in sending seven shipments overseas


​-To date, the organization has sent over 20, 000 textbooks along with numerous  school supplies

-In 20’ sea-worthy containers; shipment cost averages about $4000 minimum


​Source of Materials:

-Our main source of textbooks is the San Juan Unified School District warehouse (Sacramento)

-In addition, we receive textbooks from private donors


-Tax-deductible donations (we are 501(c)3 certified)



What We Send

Textbook subjects: Mathematics, Science, English, and World History from elementary to senior high school level