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Textbooks for Liberia is an organization that was created by Casey Robins, who was only an eight grader when she founded the organization in 2006.Through a radio talk show, she came to know about the bad condition that Liberia was in, and she decided to make a change by sending a shipment of textbooks to Liberia. Since then, we work towards the same goal to provide the children of Liberia with appropriate textbooks and other educational materials so that at least a few children would be able to have their own copies of their textbooks, and more children could learn more from the use of textbooks. From 2006 until August of 2015, we have been able to send seven shipments overseas to Liberia containing a variety of textbooks in many subjects.  
Shipment to Liberia- June 3, 2013

  Thousands of donated books will find a new home in Liberia this spring where they will be used to stock a new library at the National Archive Center in Monrovia, Liberia thanks to the efforts of Textbooks for Liberia and the Union of the Liberian Associations in the Americas.
The books were picked up from the San Juan School Unified School District Warehouse on June 3 and are scheduled to sail to Liberia on June 6, 2013.
We, Textbooks for Liberia, take this opportunity to thank the numerous kind individuals and groups for their support of our project and immense guidance. Without your continuous support, this project would not have been successful. We greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you so much,

Textbooks For Liberia :Orgilmaa Munkbaatar and Anjanaa Senthil Kumar

Casey Robbins Goes to Liberia
Most of you know about Casey. Ever since she was an 8th grader at Churchill, she has been sending books to Liberia. It began when she heard a radio program featuring Liberia’s Minister of Information who was discussing the country’s difficulty in recovering from a 14 year civil war. She learned that many adults were illiterate, and for well over a decade, children had no opportunity to go to school. The need for school supplies, books, and economic recovery was great. “The fact that the citizens and government were working together to solve the problem with no battle for power” touched Casey’s heart and inspired her to do something. She found the Information Minister's email address, and began a working relationship with him that endures to this day READ FULL STORY...


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