We have already shipped several containers full off textbooks in the past, and hope to add more to this list.

Education is an extremely important part of our lives, it is was helps us succeed and more importantly, what drives prosperity around the world. Even if we help educate a few hundred kids (hopefully we will help more then that), they will all come back to help their communities in the future, creating sustainable growth in Liberia.


Our mission is to send textbooks to Liberia to help ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the students there. While many other organizations might send immediate relief, what we are doing will help students in Liberia attain a higher level of education and give back to their country. Currently, we have sent seven shipments and plan to send many more.

Our Misson

  • Seventh Shipment- July 3, 2013
  • Sixth Shipment - 
  • Fifth Shipment - 
  • Fourth Shipment - 
  • Third Shipment - Feb 20, 2009

Past Shipments